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When faced with sudden low water pressure in the shower, most people prefer to have their plumbing problems handled by Geyser Man.  We can quickly identify the problem and fix it with minimum time and materials.

Low water pressure can be caused by many things ranging from blocked shower head to accidentally turned shut-off valves to more serious causes like blocked pipes or a leak somewhere in the line.  Sometimes low water pressure can be caused by multiple issues.

Troubleshooting Points

  1. Do all the water outlets in your home have the same low pressure?  This will require a professional to assess. 
  2. Does only one tap/shower have low pressure?  This generally indicates a fixture specific problem like and old shower head.
  3. Only hot water tap has low pressure?  This likely means you have a faulty hot water heater.  Call us to assess as replacing or fixing yourself does involve saftey risks.
  4. None of the above?  You may have a water leak or mineral build up in your water lines.  This will require a professional to fix as soon as possible since water leaks can lead to extended damage. 
Problem with faucet in kitchen
Plumber Mending Sink Tap In Bathroom