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The purpose of the pressure control valve is to balance the water pressure of the hot and cold water supply to baths, showers and sinks.  

For a balanced system the cold water supply to baths, showers and basins must be taken off the supply between the pressure control valve and the geyser.  

The pressure control valve reduces the cold water pressure to the same pressure as the hot water coming from the geyser.  Sometimes plumbers will locate the pressure control valve outside of the house – where the cold water supply enters the house.  While this is ok, generally the valve is found near to the geyser.

The pressure control valve is designed to release excess pressure and may therefore drip when water is drawn through the valve.

Most geysers have a maximum working pressure so it is vital the the pressure is controlled to ensure a long life span for your geyser.  Typically if no pressure control valve is fitted, your geyser warantey won’t be honored.

Plumber turns nut on angle valve under wash basin using spreading wrench.