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Burst Or Leaking Pipes

Burst or leaking pipes can cause extensive damage to your property structurally and lead to high water bills.

Geyser Man Plumbing offers burst or leaking pipe repairs in Gauteng. Knowing the leading causes of bursts or leaking pipes can help avoid unnecessary damage or expenses.

·         Weak pipes – pipes and their connections may weaken over time, leading to leaks at the weakest points that could eventually burst due to pressure.

·         High pressure – water pressure can cause stress on your plumbing, and what starts as a leak may result in the pipes bursting.

·         Blockages – blocked and clogged pipes can result in cracks that leak and eventually burst.

·         Plant material – tree roots can cause burst pipes. A leak may offer a water source, inviting roots to encroach on pipes and causing the burst.

·         Freezing – although winters in Gauteng don’t often reach freezing temperatures, outside pipes exposed to the elements could freeze, expanding the pipes, leading to damage.

Taking care of burst or leaking pipe repairs in Gauteng

In the event of trouble, call Geyser Man Plumbing for burst or leaking pipe repairs in Gauteng. Then take the following steps:

·         First, find the main water supply valve for your property and turn it off.

·         Next, open all the water taps in the home.

Finally, switch off the geyser isolator on the main electrical distribution board to prevent the element from burning out in an empty geyser

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If you have any questions about our burst or leaking pipe repairs in Gauteng, please contact our team of experienced plumbers for advice today.