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Burst Geyser Repairs

An influx of pressure causes burst geysers. It starts with a small leak that becomes more aggressive over a short period. In addition, a geyser can still produce hot water despite the burst. Some additional signs that your geyser is about to break include low water pressure, a humming or cracking sound from the geyser, watermarks, or dripping near the geyser. If you suspect geyser trouble, call the experts in burst geyser repairs in Gauteng.

In the event of trouble, take these steps immediately after calling Geyser Man for burst geyser repairs in Gauteng:

·         First, find the main water supply valve for your property and turn it off.

·         Next, switch off the geyser isolator on the main electrical distribution board.

·         Then, open hot water taps in the home to release the pressure and drain the remaining water from the geyser. The best way to prevent a burst geyser is to put maintenance measures in place, such as calling Geyser Man every year to inspect the hot water system. To avoid costly burst geyser repairs in Gauteng, have these inspections done before winter.

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If you have any questions about our burst geyser repairs in Gauteng, please contact our team of experienced plumbers for advice today.