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Lacto And Brass Geyser Valves

Low-pressure geysers usually have spherical “Lacto” valves fitted on the cold-water supply to the geyser. These pressure-balancing valves ensure that both the hot and cold-water supply to the bathrooms is at the same pressure rating as the high-pressure geyser. Geyser Man Plumbing is a leading supplier of Lacto and brass geyser valves in Gauteng.

Old, blocked galvanised pipes or a dirty or blocked valve can cause low hot-water pressure. Some houses have low-pressure geysers (100 kPa), while others have modern high-pressure geysers (600 kPa).  

Underfloor Heat Adjustment

Correct installation of Lacto valves is crucial. That’s why you should call Geyser Man Plumbing for the installation, maintenance, and replacement of Lacto and brass geyser valves in Gauteng.

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If you have any questions about our Lacto and brass geyser valves in Gauteng, please contact our team of experienced plumbers for advice today. Geyser Man Plumbing offers a free quote on any job you require.