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Geyser Maintenance Services

With proper maintenance, costly geyser repairs can be avoided. Geyser Man Plumbing offers dependable geyser maintenance services in Gauteng.

As a leading provider of geyser maintenance services in Gauteng, you can trust that these maintenance tips will improve the longevity of your geyser.

·         Ensure there is space around the geyser

·         Place the geyser at a sufficient height

·         Periodically switch your geyser off

·         Check the anode rod inside the tank before winter

·         Inspect the pressure release valve

·         Replace plastic inlet and outlet pipes with metal pipes

·         Schedule maintenance by a professional plumber


A geyser needs as much care as any other electronic device. Manufacturers provide the best possible parts to deal with heating and cooling. However, even the best parts wear down under continuous pressure. So when you’re looking for a plumber that offers reliable geyser maintenance services in Gauteng, look no further than Geyser Man Plumbing.

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If you have any questions about our geyser maintenance services in Gauteng, please contact our team of experienced plumbers for advice today.