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One of the most critical parts of a geyser is the thermostat. As leading geyser elements and thermostat repairs in Gauteng, we believe in educating our clients to ensure they get the best out of their plumbing equipment.

A thermostat is a part that controls the water temperature that is distributed throughout the house. Most thermostats stay in their original setting. However, some people prefer to adjust the thermostat according to the seasons.

Geyser Man Plumbing offers geyser elements and thermostat repairs in Gauteng when your geyser’s thermostat starts showing signs of trouble. If geyser elements and thermostat repairs in Gauteng are not taken care of, you may not be able to use your geyser at all.

These are common problems associated with thermostats. 

Water not heating sufficiently

One of the most common geyser thermostat problems is water not getting heated because the thermostat is set to a lower temperature. 

A stuck thermostat

Sometimes the thermostat knob or functioning gets stuck at a certain point. This can result in either water that is too hot all the time or too cold. 

Thermostat faults at a certain point

In some cases, the thermostat knob may continue to turn as usual, but the setting may get stuck at a certain level.

If you experience any of the above, give Geyser Man Plumbing a call so we can assess and fix the thermostat quickly to avoid any extra costly and time-consuming repairs.


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